The Bigger Picture: Middle East and Terrorism

The Bigger Picture: Middle East and Terrorism

The Civility Project is a community initiative that will be gathering steam in Spring 2017.  

Articles filed under Middle East & Terrorism speak to the connection between auto-dependent development—which constitutes the vast majority of what gets built today—and global terrorism and conflict in the Middle East. 

In his September 2013 TED Talk, Jeff Speck spoke of a history of American ideas being appropriated and emulated. He later went on to say that he worst idea America had was suburban sprawl. 

In terms of emulation, Canada has emulated the American lifestyle more so than any other nation on the planet, hence analysis looking at what the United States has done in the Middle East to secure a steady stream of cheap, plentiful petroleum very much applies to Canadians whether they realize it or not. 

This being said, what’s done in the name of preserving and expanding upon the American Dream matters little to most Americans or Canadians. For the majority, gasoline comes from a gas station—end of story. 
The facts however are more damning and the Civility Projects aims to clarify relationships between the auto-dependent lifestyle the majority embraces and the violence this lifestyle has perpetuated.  

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