LMST Open Space and School Construction Update

Pedestrian-oriented site design for Le Marchant elementary school.

Pedestrian-oriented site design for Le Marchant elementary school.

Open Space Update

As most in the LMST community are aware, the latest student projections for Le Marchant St. Thomas drove the need to update the school and site design to accommodate a larger student body.  Maximizing the amount of open space around the school for this larger student body was one of many concerns provincial staff needed to grapple with.  

During several site visits to LMST, provincial staff studied the behavior of parents dropping off and picking up children in the morning and afternoon.  They learned that parents who drive to the school tend to park their vehicles, get out, and socialize with the larger body of parents who walk to the school to meet their children. Given this behavior, and the pressing need for additional open space to accommodate a larger student body, the decision was made (in consultation with the school board) to eliminate the loop and make that land available for children’s play.   

Click here to see the final site plan for LMST.

School Construction Update

In order to make all of the changes to the previous design necessary to accommodate the additional students and to meet their schedule objectives, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal split the tendering process into three packages.

  1. Foundations and deep underground services.
  2. Fabrication and erection of the steel.
  3. Main building package.

Splitting the tendering process in this way makes the schedule as efficient and effective as possible by allowing overlap in work of the designers, the tendering process and contractors’ work in the early phases of construction. For example, the steel is to be fabricated while the foundations are being constructed. The tender packages for the steel and foundations were timed to have them completed in time for the main building contractor to begin steel erection, once they are hired and mobilized.

The province has already awarded the foundations and steel packages to contractors and the main building tender package will be issued in the first week of April. 

The public should see activity on site in early April after the foundations contractor has provided all of their required submissions and completed their mobilization efforts. What the public won’t see is the work going on behind the scenes in the steel contractor’s shops, fabricating the steel. This is the part of the concurrent work described above.

In summary, the province is arranging the design work, tendering and construction activities to allow for things to happen simultaneously, rather than sequentially. This maximizes the likelihood that schedule objectives will be met and that teachers, students, and parents alike will be benefiting from the fruits of a great deal of work behind the scenes and on site. The province is making every effort to provide the community with a high quality, modern learning environment by late August 2019.