Explore Issues with Landlords

The Civility Project is a community initiative that will be gathering steam in Spring 2018.  

Though articles filed under Landlords, you’ll find information relating to the people who own the buildings that others live in.  Some of these landlords are fabulous.  Others are not.  

Neighourhoods around the universities have problems with landlords that are somewhat unique.  Some absentee landlords purchase family homes, fill every room with students, fail to maintain the exterior of the building and charge steep prices for the privilege of occupying a room.

Historically, there has been little accountability for these kind of ventures, and the Civility Project hopes to contribute to new approaches to dealing with unfortunate or outright abusive situations.  In the “Be Inspired” section of the site, the Civility Project will tell the story of responsible, profitable landlords who serve the community by providing affordable, quality, rental opportunities.

Have you had direct experience with a landlord that should be made available to others? If so, the Civility Project wants to hear from you.