Patrick Moan

Patrick Moan founded The Civility Project in 2017 to use advocate for pedestrian oriented communities through efficient and accurate information sharing, both within communities as well as across communities.

His in-progress book, Packed Bags: Looking for Home in a Frayed America, examines the underlying reasons why thriving pedestrian-oriented communities are a rarity in North America today.

Patrick split undergraduate yeas between the Annapolis and Drexel University, receiving a BS in Computer Science. After writing software for several years, he earned a masters in Urban Planning from Dalhousie University. There, Patrick researched barriers to mixed-use development as well as tools municipalities use to overcome those barriers

As a practicing urban planner, Patrick authored a redevelopment policy at Baltimore County, MD based on his research, which places a collaborative design process known a design charrette at the heart of development regulations.  Through this experience, he witnessed how organizational dysfunction and the political process can co-opt a good idea, dilute it, and ultimately render it impotent. 

Ultimately, Patrick left government, returned to high tech, and began writing Packed Bags, which describes his planning experience in the context of broader forces shaping contemporary life.  The Civility Project is an extension of the book in that it advocates for pedestrian-oriented communities at a time when virtually all jurisdictions in North America have committed to auto-dependent development. Ultimately, the Civility Project aims to enhance the micro environment to preserve the macro environment.